The Urinals of Old Town Saloon

Old Town Saloon is a bar and restaurant located in the Old Town section of San Diego, CA.

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"Let me start my review by saying that I am a huge fan of Old Town and the other restaurant bars in the area; over the years I've walked past the Old Town Saloon always wondering what it was like inside. I finally got my opportunity to experience it first hand during a recent pub crawl on a Saturday afternoon, I was part of a larger group so I had great company and the experience was complemented by the really laid back vibe of the Saloon. I would say it is definitely a dive bar, but well lit during the day thanks to the large window looking out to Old Town.

"They have a pretty good selection of beer on tap and I think it was only like $5 pints. The bartender was friendly as were the other bar patrons, the decor felt like a sports bar with pool tables and there is a fully stocked jukebox. Since it was the afternoon, the bar wasn't very crowded and that's probably why I enjoyed it so much."

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