Nature's Call

by Clark Sorensen


"These fantastic, one-of-a-kind urinals were created by San Francisco artist Clark Sorensen. Each is a unique, hand-made, fully-functioning commercial-grade fixture that combines art and utility. If I ever left the Urinal Dot Net offices, I'd want nothing more than to come home to one of these beauties." -- Joe U. Rinator, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Urinal Dot Net

Pitcher Plant

Calla Lilly

Orange Hibiscus

California Poppy

Pink Orchid

Red Hibiscus

Yellow Orchid


Nautilus Shell

These urinals were sculpted by Clark Sorensen between 2002 and 2005. Each is created by hand from high fire porcelain, the same material as commercially available fixtures, and takes nearly a year to complete. These fixtures are fully functional, and can be acquired by a collector for installation in ones home.

These photographs were taken at an art gallery in San Francisco, CA, where the "Nature's Call" exhibit was being held in the summer of 2005. The images were captured for and are displayed on Urinal Dot Net with the express written permission of the artist.