The Urinals of Gatti's Pizza

Gatti's Pizza is a pizza franchise with dozens of locations throughout several states. It was formerly called Mr. Gatti's. This particular Gatti's Pizza is located in Austin, TX

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This photo was sent in by TW in 2005, back when the restaurant was called Mr. Gatti's. He writes: "Mr. Gatti's [has] several locations in Austin. This is the one on Anderson Lane in North Austin. Note the old fashioned spring loaded flush handle. This locations features a great all day pizza and pasta buffet and most of the delivery orders in the area and handled here. The phone seems to never stop ringing."

TW wrote back to Urinal Dot Net in 2013 to send this updated photo from the same restaurant: "Gatti's Pizza was called Mr. Gatti's when I originaaly submitted it quite a ehile ago. Their main North Austin (Texas) location has recently undergone an extensive remodeling, this is the new updated urinal installation."