The Urinals of Meeting House

Meeting House is a restaurant located in Cold Spring, NY.

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This picture was taken by the most beautiful, awesomest girl in the universe. She writes: "Tonight I dined at The Meeting House in the quaint village of Cold Spring, NY. I learned from one male dining companion of the unusually large urinal in this establishment. My over 6' tall companion claimed that he could fit in it. While I refrain from entering and/or using a men's room under normal circumstances, I thought of my friends at and had to see the urinal for myself. I risked bodily harm (a large, burly man was waiting his turn outside), and embarrassment to view and snap a photo of said unusually large urinal. Safely locked inside, I discovered that my dining companion was correct. A person could indeed fit 'comfortably' inside the urinal. I wish I could have taken a better photo of the urinal - especially to show perspective...but trust was large and in charge. Could I have stood near the urinal to show perspective? Probably, but who wants to be near a urinal. Seriously, that thing is huge. It's like a giant's urinal. It isn't just tall, it's fat too. I had to use my phone camera...and even if I COULD back up into the hallway to take a photo, I wouldn't have been able to capture the size of it anyway."