The Urinals of MediaLinq

MediaLinq is a company located in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco, CA.

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These pictures were sent in by PW. He writes: "I work in a call center supporting fax broadcasting software, we have about 25 male employees sharing the 6th floor men's room. we had an ongoing mystery surrounding disappearing urinal cakes. Not just the cake, which is supposed to dissolve and eventually disappear, but the plastic cage that holds the cake in place kept walking off. I'd monitor the cakes, being a big fan of pine fresh scents, I always tried to pick the urinal with the freshest cake. So when one was suddenly gone, I noticed. I'd email the entire office, asking if anyone had seen the missing cake/frame for it. no-one would fess up. I talked to the building maintenance guy, he said he'd noticed they were disappearing too, and had been taking them from the urinals on other floors to replace ours, which is without question the highest traffic men's room in the building. So the mystery deepened!� the building super and I would occasionally, and usually one sidedly, express outrage about the latest disappearance..."

If anyone knows about the whereabouts of these urinal cakes, please do not hesitate to contact us with any information you may have.