The Urinals of Matthew's Home

Matthew installed this urinal in his own home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Matthew sent in this photo of his installation. He writes: "As an apprentice plumber back in the mid 90's, i removed a urinal in a restaurant and thought i could do something cool with it, so i brought it home. i cleaned it up and installed it in the washroom of my basement apartment. not being able to afford a proper flush-o-meter or flush valve, i just used a ball valve. everybody got a kick out of it, 'oh matt's got a urinal in his washroom at home'! I was used for 8 years, it served well for many nights of drinking and it was a great novelty. but the combination of drinking and sloppy friends make it hard to keep clean, and the smell was brutal! one day the kitchen sink drain plugged up and all the water came out of the urinal and all over the floor! so i capped it off and discontinued the use of it. driving the same route to work everyday i saw a statue in someone backyard, that had crumbled over time and the head had fallen off. for some reason i wanted the head, i had to have it! (i have a collection of other cool stuff like: arby's garbage can, taco bell floor mat, hand-painted wooden mcdonalds characters from the 70's and 80's, a drinking fountain installed in my kitchen counter...) so one night after fighting with my girlfriend i walked out the door! she said where are you going? i said' to get some head'! i brought the statues head home, didn't know what to do with it so i put it in the urinal and its been there ever since!"