The Urinals of Mamushka Gallery

Mamushka Gallery is an art gallery and event space / restaurant located in Miami, FL.

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Mamushka's website provides an incredibly cryptic description of the business: "Mamushka Made in Havana Cafe-Concert & Gallery is creation of the renowned model, painter, writer artists and entrepreneur. Mamushka In her journey around the world has acquired numerous accomplishments in the industry of entertainment. Mamushka is a well known name in Hollywood and Europe, before many Latin artists did not have the opportunity to engage in this difficult industry, Mamushka was already there. With extraordinary intellectual traits, international recognition an Intellectual legacy of Uncle Jose Lezama Lima, describe as one of the most conspicuous master in the literacy of his time. Mamushka Gallery is getting ready this year to launch an aggressive campaign of artists, productions, short films, documentary in her unique venue of exchange of art and culture, located 31 NW 36 Street, in the heart of Miami's art center, and the most cosmopolitan point in the entire United States. Mamushka Made in Havana Cafe-Concert & Gallery exhibits valuable pieces from renowned artists, with the spacious garden, an outdoor cinema that enrich the intellectual exchange of ideas. Mamushka's facility can accommodate 1000 people; it has a full kitchen, bar, theatre, stage, dance floor, parking and other commodities."

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