The Urinals of Marshall Islands International Airport

Marshall Islands International Airport (MAJ) "is an airport located in the western part of Rairok on the south side of Majuro Atoll, the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands" (RMI). RMI is located in Micronesia in the northern-central Pacific, about halfway between Hawaii and Australia.

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"The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is a nation of about 60,000 people living on 29 coral atolls and 5 low-lying islands in the central Pacific, mid-way between Hawaii and Australia. The RMI adopted its Constitution in 1979 and signed the Compact of Free Association with the United States in 1986. The RMI became a member of the United Nations in 1991."
The nation is comprised of dozens of islands, totaling 181 sq km in area (roughly the size of Washington, D.C.) The national languages are both Marshallese and English. The local currency is the US Dollar. National defense is primarily the responsibility of the United States according to the Compact of Free Association.

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