The Urinals of Magna Plaza

Magna Plaza is an upscale shopping mall in Amsterdam, Holland.

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This picture was submitted by an independent contributor. He writes: "This shopping mall is located in a monumental building that was opened in 1899, [constructed] in [the] Neo Gothic style, a style of which the Houses of Parliament in London, England, are a good example. In the early 1990-ies, this building, formerly housing the Head Post Office of Amsterdam, was renovated and turned into a luxury shopping mall with the emphasis on clothing and jewelry. Unfortunately, these urinals, located on the first floor just left of the cafetaria, are a bit of a contradiction with all the marble and brass used in the interior of the mall itself. It is a basic yet tasteful installation that functions as [it should], of which the most interesting features are probably the great view of the Royal Palace across the street and the wall-mounted ashtrays, for the convenience of both left-handed as well as right-handed smokers."