The Urinals of Liffey Valley Shopping Centre

Liffey Valley Shopping Centre is a shopping center located in Dublin, Ireland.

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This picture was sent in by RR. He includes the following quote: "One of the largest shopping centres in the country...there are a large number of shops for everything and everyone...there is also the biggest cinema complex in the country and a large selection of fast food restaurants and cafes." The shopping centre is near the river Liffey, the "lifeblood of the city since and indeed before the Vikings plunged their longships into its estuary nearly 1,200 years ago...It meanders for 75 miles (125km) before joining the tidal waters of the sea...Several of its tributaries, which used to course in the open through the city, are now ignominiously confined to underground channels. Not a large river by the standards of other capital cities the Liffey nevertheless has always had a central role in the prosperity (or otherwise), history, literature and culture of the city."