Public Urinals of Kisseemee

This public fixture serves the lakefront of Lake Tohopekaliga in downtown Kisseemee, FL.

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According to Wikipedia, "Lake Tohopekaliga, also referred to as Lake Toho, West Lake, or simply 2hu, native name meaning "we will gather together here", is the largest lake located in Osceola County, Florida, United States. It is the primary inflow of Shingle Creek, which rises in Orlando. It covers 22,700 acres, and spans 42 miles in circumference. It is linked to East Lake Tohopekaliga by Canal 31 (St. Cloud Canal). The canal is 3 miles long and runs through western St. Cloud. South Port canal is located at the southern tip of the lake and links it to Cypress Lake. It is 4 miles long. Lake Toho is bordered on the northern shore by Kissimmee, on the eastern shore by Kissimmee Park, and South Port on the southern shore"