The Urinals of Kyteler's Inn

Kyteler's Inn is a historic restaurant and pub located in Kilkenny, Ireland

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"Kyteler's Inn is located in the heart of Kilkenny City. Established in 1324, this popular Kilkenny pub and restaurant has plenty of history to offer. The original owner of this Inn was Dame Alice le Kyteler whom was born in Kilkenny in the year 1263. In her time she gained much notoriety not least because she acquired four husbands and a considerable fortune. Her enemies eventually conspired to accuse her of witchcraft and have her burned at the stake. It is now generally accepted that the charges against Dame Alice and her associates were trumped up but what is on record as been certainly true is that Kyteler's Inn was "a place of merrymaking and good cheer". The same can still be said of Kyteler's today and you can still sup and eat the choicest of fresh homemade foods, quality wines and beers to the sound of Traditional Irish music and merrymaking through the old arches and rafters. No visit to Kilkenny is complete without a visit to this heirloom of local folklore."

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