The Urinals of Kohler

Kohler is a leading manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, including urinals. The Kohler company is based in Kohler, WI.

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These pictures were submitted by SS. He writes: "This is a line of six urinals in the men's locker room, likely dating back to the 1930's when the building now known as the Enameling Plant was built. The model name is "Brandon." The Kohler Company offers free tours of their plant which include the Pottery where urinals are made, as well as the Foundry and Enameling buildings. This locker room, however, is not on the tour and was viewed at different time."

"This is the men's room at the Visitor Center at Kohler. The Center displays the latest bathroom and kitchen fixtures that the company offers. It is geared to domestic use so that, alas, no urinals are on display. The lower floor has history display of origins and growth of Kohler since its beginnings as an agricultural equipment manufacturer. In the mid 1870's, John Michael Kohler took a cattle feeding trough, added legs and sold it to a farmer as a bathtub. The rest, as they say, is history."