The Urinals of Kleva Gruva

Kleva Gruva is a historic copper and nickel mine located in Vetlanda, Småland, Sweden

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"Kleva Gruva is an old copper -and nickel mine which was in use 1691–1920. In 1991 opened the commune of Vetlanda the mine for tourism after extensive safety measures. It was tried to obtain the work environment as authentic as possible. Since 1995 the tourism enterprise is driven privately. Now you can find there a charming surrounding area with picnic and barbecue places close to the nature. Thousands of guests from Sweden and a lot of other countries visit the place. They enjoy the mine walk and the other activities (like goldpanning) as well as the beautiful nature and the picnic facilities between May and August. By the way it is also a habitat for a lot of bats which sleep inside the mine during the wintertime. That’s why the area is a nature reserve and the mine remains closed between October and April."

"The Kleva mine is situated about 10 km from Vetlanda, right in the forest of the Kleva mountain and is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of Småland with its hills, forests, junipers, lakes and the typical swedish wooden houses. Near the mine there is a lake with bathing facilities. The famous small town Vimmerby, where the famous writer Astrid Lindgren spent her childhood, is about an hour away by car. There is a museum next to her birthplace and there is the tourist attraction “Astrid Lindgrens World” which is an extremely popular adventure park and an event for the whole family like the “Kleva Gruva”."