The Urinals of the Kalvershof shopping mall

The Kalvershof ('Calf's Court') shopping mall is located in Amsterdam, Holland.

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This picture was submitted by an independent contributor. He writes: "The name of this mall refers to the local market for cows and other [livestock], that was situated at this very same spot in the Amsterdam city centre from 1486 to 1629. Due to the large glass ceiling and the multi-floor lay-out, shopping at Kalvershof is a very pleasant experience. Unfortunately, relieving oneself is something different alltogether. The [bathrooms] are not clearly indicated and somewhat hidden behind the fresh fruit juice corner. They are clean but the management of the shopping mall has provided them with a comprehensive security system. Upon inserting a one guilder coin (appr. $0.50), a self-closing door gives access to two urinals which are situated rather close together.... Adding to the feeling of uneasiness is... a sign (not [in] the pictures) [that] mentions that 'security video cameras have been installed in these toilets'. Also, as can be seen on the more detailed picture [below], visitors are [instructed] to push a big red button next to the door before leaving. Should one fail to do so (which is the case with most visitors), a loud alarm bell situated right above the urinals goes off. The purpose of this bell is unclear but it certainly makes one want to leave... as soon as possible."