The Urinals of Joe's Farm Grill

Joe's Farm Grill is a restaurant in Gilbert, AZ.

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Joe's website doesn't say much about this remarkable television-equipped full-height urinal. However, they do spend a lot of time talking about the food served at this restaurant: "At Joe’s Farm Grill, we focus on common food done uncommonly well and served quickly. Common foods such as burgers, fries, pizza, salads, and ribs are common for a good reason: people love them. They taste great! We have taken these common foods to the next level. First of all, we source the best QUALITY ingredients we can find, emphasizing local ingredients. As much as possible, we use fruit, vegetables, and herbs from The Farm at Agritopia, right at our front door. After that we look to other local farmers and then other parts of Arizona. Not everything can be entirely local, but we give it our best shot. Secondly, we are concerned about using the most HEALTHFUL ingredients. For instance we use local, natural beef for our burgers and transfat free oils for frying, dressings, and marinades."

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