The Urinals of Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade

Hyatt Regency Cleveland at the Arcade is an upscale hotel in Cleveland, OH.

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This photo was sent in by AS. He sent in the following excerpt from the hotel's website: "The Arcade, built in 1890, is an intricate five-story iron and glass atrium that was once known as "Cleveland's Crystal Palace." The crowning glory is the extravagant skylight that lets the sunshine pour in.

"The Arcade is a Victorian-era structure of two nine-story buildings joined by a five-story Arcade. It was designed as a big-city mercantile center by John M. Eisenmann and George H. Smith, who modeled it after the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy. The Arcade opened its doors on Memorial Day of 1890 as one of the first indoor shopping centers in the United States.

"The cost to construct The Arcade was $875,000 then, and was financed by many of Cleveland's most esteemed businessmen of the late 19th century - among them John D. Rockefeller, Steven V. Harkness, Louis Severance, Charles Brush and Marcus Hanna. Harkness and Brush are featured on gold emblems on The Arcade's Euclid Avenue exterior.

"The Arcade features the spectacular architectural touches of a historic era, including a sweeping backlit marble staircase, a glass skylight spanning over 300 feet, and a ring of 44 cast iron griffins that originally burned gas and were used for lighting.

"In 2001, Hyatt Regency Cleveland opened in The Arcade, offering guestrooms in the storefronts where businesses used to be. Today, some guests will even request to stay in a specific room because their grandparent or relative used to have a shop in what is now a guest room because of its stunning architecture, The Arcade has also become a popular social venue in downtown Cleveland, hosting multiple weddings and events each year.

"The Arcade's location in the heart of downtown gives guests access to all the best the city has to offer while allowing them to experience an important piece of Cleveland history."