The Urinals of Holmenkollen Ski Jump

Holmenkollen Ski Jump, "located in Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway, is the world's oldest notable ski jump competition still in existence."

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"Since [its opening at the beginning of the 20th century], the capacity of the stands has been increased to over 50,000 people and the jump has been extended 18 times, last time in 1982. Today's tower extends 60 meters above ground, and 417 metres above sea level. The current record of 139.5 meters was achieved by Andreas Kofler of Austria on 14 March 2010. Crown Prince Olav participated in 1922 and 1923. Every year, more than a million tourists visit the ski arena. The tower offers a panoramic view of Oslo and the Oslofjord."

These pictures were sent in by SF from the Holmenkollen Ski Museum, located at the base of the jump. He writes: "The four urinals are a distinctive European design and do not include any privacy dividers. Some privacy is afforded by virtue of the distance between the individual urinals, which is at least twice the typical spacing in North America."