The Urinals of Hanbury Hall and Gardens

Hanbury Hall and Gardens is a historic townhouse and garden administered by the National Trust of the U.K. It's located in Worcestershire.

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The site's website proclaims: "Built in 1701 by Thomas Vernon, a lawyer and whig MP for Worcester, Hanbury Hall is a beautiful country house.

"Inside, a mix of interiors await to be discovered, from the restored Hercules rooms and recreated Gothic corridor, to the recently re-decorated smoking room and stunning staircase wall-paintings by Sir James Thornhill which underwent major restoration work in 2010 and look magnificent.

"Surrounding the house are eight hectares of recreated early 18th-century gardens and 162 hectares of park. Features include the intricately laid out parterre, fruit garden, grove, orangery, orchard and bowling green. A walk around the park will lead you into the surrounding countryside."

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