The Urinals of Green Creek Rest Area

Green Creek Rest Area serves northbound motorists on Interstate 57 in Effingham, IL

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This picture was sent in by GC. For other photos of urinals along I-57, see the Illini Praire Rest Area, located 60 miles north.

"Interstate 57 (I-57) is an Interstate Highway in the midwestern United States. It goes from Miner, Missouri, at Interstate 55 to Chicago, Illinois, at Interstate 94. Interstate 57 essentially serves as a route for travelers headed between the south (Memphis, New Orleans, etc.) and Chicago using Interstate 55 to bypass St. Louis, Missouri. In fact, both the control cities on the overhead signs as well as destination mileage signs reference Memphis along I-57, even as far north as Chicago. I-57 has no spur routes, nor are any planned in the near future. At a length of just over 386 miles (621 km), it is the longest two-digit interstate highway without an auxiliary route."