The Urinals of Grandhotel Praha

Grandhotel Praha is a luxury hotel and resort located in the town of Tatransk√° Lomnica, Slovakia.

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According to a hotel review site: "Grandhotel Praha is perfectly located in the center of Tatranska Lomnica, at the foot of Lomnicky Peak, right in the heart of High Tatras. Its history dates back to more than 100 years ago, to its spectacular opening in 1905. It offers rich history, stylish interior and an excellent cuisine.

"Your stay in Grandhotel Praha will be a treat in any season. In winter you can enjoy skiing, sledding or walking in a snow covered countryside, the summer brings countless possibilities for hiking and short trips into the nature.

"Relax and indulge in massage, sauna or swimming in Grandhotel Praha all year round. Beautiful views and fast ride will thrill all the enthusiasts on the bobsled located only a short stroll away."

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