The Urinals of Glenmorangie Distillery

Glenmorangie is a distillery located in Tain, Ross-shire, Scotland, that produces single malt whisky.

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"The distillery is owned by Glenmorangie plc. Their main product is the range of Glenmorangie single malt whisky, however the malt whisky is also used in two of the company's other products, Bailie Nicol Jarvie and Highland Queen brands of blended scotch whisky. The Glenmorangie single malt also forms part of several independent vatted malt whisky bottlings, and as such, it is often mixed with a small amount of whisky from the Glen Moray distillery, which is also owned by Glenmorangie plc. Glenmorangie plc is also one of the largest producers of blended whisky for supermarkets and spirit from the Glenmorangie distillery features in many supermarkets own brand products. Glenmorangie is categorised as a highland distillery and boasts the tallest stills in Scotland. Glenmorangie is available in 10, 15 and 18 year old bottlings, special cask bottlings and a range of special edition bottlings. Bailie Nicol Jarvie and Highland Queen are typically aged 6 years."

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