The Urinals of Gemini Air Cargo

Gemini Air Cargo Corporation is headquartered in Dulles, VA.

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These pictures were submitted by eastbayray. He writes: "The first Urinal [above] can be found at Gemini's Corporate headquarters, located adjacent to Dulles International Airport, Dulles Virginia. Gemini occupies the third floor of one of the square-shaped, black office buildings along Aviation Drive, a quarter mile from the distinct terminal building at the airport, and among the offices are space for the Chief Pilot, dispatchers, maintenance control, as well as the Chief Executive Officer, among others. Maybe a mile away on Old Ox Road is the Gemini Air Cargo Training Center, where you can find the second picture [below]. The Training Center houses four classrooms, as well as a Cockpit Procedures Trainer and actual-sized emergency exit slide from a DC-10. This space is occasionally leased out to other airlines such as World Airways from time to time, for initial training and refresher courses for both pilots and flight attendants."

"[Below] are some more Urinals from Gemini Air Cargo, this time from our offices at Miami airport. The offices are located in an area called the "Western U", by the approach end of runway 9R. Many cargo airlines, including Amerijet, Tampa Carga, and Cielos Del Peru/STAF as well as Gemini are represented in the Western U (adjacent to the newer Eastern U), with ramp space for up to 16 aircraft and office space aplenty. Gemini's offices have space for loadmasters and maintenance personnel, plus marketing and a crew lounge."