The Urinals of the Gaslight Grill

The Gaslight Grill is a landmark bar and grill located in downtown Lakeport, CA. The town of Lakeport is the seat of Lake County and is located on the scenic Clear Lake, the largest lake contained entirely within California.

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This picture was sent in by Dave W. He writes: "The Gaslight's building dates from the 1880s and has apparently been a tavern since the 1920s. The place reeks of history. On the outer brick wall, one can still see alleged damage from the 1906 earthquake. The upstairs was once a bingo parlor. Some of the bricks are so old, they are disintegrating. (I'm told that 100 years ago, Lakeport was so isolated that construction materials were very costly to import, so when a building burned down, the remains were recycled.) [This] photo shows the urinal in the Gaslight's men's room. This oddly-shaped room, in the form of two half-cylinders, has apparently not been substantially renovated since the 1920s-- most fixtures are from that period. And by the way, the Gaslight's food is superb--enormous, tasty burgers. The tap beers include Boont Amber Ale, Fat Tire Ale and Guinness. And the waitresses are cute."