The Urinals of Gail's House

This remarkable fixture is installed at Gail's residence in Smith Beach, VA.

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These pictures were submitted by Gail, the owner of this urinal. She writes: "Growing up on a small farm in the mountains of southern Pennsylvania, we did not have a lot of party times. Each year, though for Memorial Day, my dad's friend had a party at his mountain cabin. He kept bottles of orange and grape sodas (Wible's orange soda and Grape Ne-Hi) along with other sodas on ice in what I thought was a bathtub. We were very poor, and didn't often get the treat of a soda pop, so some of my favorite memories were reaching my hand into the icy cold water and pulling out yet another soda pop. My sister says she remembers her stomach sloshing from being able to drink all that we could handle.

"'s the issue. I am 52 now, and last year my father completely destroyed the memory (at first). I happened to reminisce about how wonderful it was to reach into that bathtub. My father said....Oh, that wasn't a bathtub. I said (timidly) Oh....What was it? He said, "IT WAS THE URINAL FROM THE BRICKYARD".


"When he said he thought it was still up on the mountain at the abandoned cabin, I immediately said that I wanted it. So, now I have it. It's about 10 feet long, and about 2 feet wide, about 8 inches high. It is bolted in 4 pieces, with a drain in the middle. My father said his friend said he took it from the Mount Union Silica Brick Company when it closed. I did some research, and the company opened in 1901, and closed in 1953.

"So, apparently, I have a 100 year old cast iron and porcelain urinal. First of all, do you think, o wise urinal guru, that is really is a urinal. Being female, I'm not really an expert, but it looks like a sink to me. Our plan is to first clean it, then paint the cast iron bottom, then figure out how to re-glaze the porcelain which is pretty chipped. Then we'll build a frame for it, and put it outside the beach cottage and fill it full of ice and beer for parties."

"I am enclosing pictures. Unfortunately, I don't have one of it in use filled with ice and beverages, but trust works great. It's very possible we have the only 100-year old urinal on wheels on the east coast."