The Urinals of Fundidora Park

Parque Fundidora (Fundidora Park) is a large urban park located in a former industrial site in Monterrey, Mexico

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"The Monterrey Foundry (Monterrey Steel Foundry Company) operated from 1900 until its bankruptcy in 1986. Two years later, after having been legally declared financially insolvent, the "Fideicomiso Fundidora" (Fundidora Escrow) was installed to administer the Park. The park contains several industrial buildings from the old Foundry making the park a famous Archeological Industrial Site in Mexico full of beauty and ambiance. It also contains extensive walking tracks, an artificial lake, playgrounds for children and a 2.1 miles (3.4 km) permanent road course which is popular with joggers, bicyclists and inline skaters. Fundidora Park also includes a CINTERMEX which is a convention center, a hotel, a museum, Sesame Street Park, the Monterrey Arena, an auditorium, Cineteca Nuevo Leon and other smaller buildings with cultural venues."