The Urinals of Frying Pan

The Frying Pan is a floating restaurant, bar and dance club docked off of Manhattan's West Side on the Hudson River.

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"Built in 1929, this historic lightship (one of the few remaining) is said to have spent three years at the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay before being salvaged and brought to Chelsea Piers to become the ultimate “dive” bar. The boat, docked on a railroad car barge, boasts a musty, barnacle-encrusted interior (complete with catwalks and an exposed engine room) straight out of a Nine Inch Nails video. The front quarters often serves as a moody dj lounge while live acts use the stage in the dark belly of the ship. There are ratty makeout couches throughout, and plastic chairs on the outdoor decks. On the pier, a tiki bar serves up booze and burgers, and a 16-foot observation plank offers a fantastic view of activities on the Hudson, including the occasional water salute from the Frying Pan’s neighbor, the John J. Harvey fireboat."