The Urinals of the Excelsior Grand Hotel

Excelsior Grand Hotel is located in Catania, Italy. Catania is Sicily's second largest city.

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These pictures were submitted by eastbayray. He writes: "Catania sits at the foot of Mt. Etna, and has a population of roughly 350,000. The Excelsior Grand Hotel sits in the middle of this busy city, serving an upscale, business-oriented customer. The first two photos are found near various conference rooms located on the lobby level. Note the use of cricket images in the units, to assist patrons in their aim. The third image can be found adjacent to the hotel's bar."

"oops, correction... ...for what it's worth, the first and third images ...from Catania's Excelsior Grand Hotel are near the conference rooms and the second is by the bar. sorry...."