The Urinals of Elmer's

Elmer's operates a chain of diners with locations throughout the Northwest. This Elmer's is located in the Portland, OR suburb of Hillsboro.

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The restaurant's website declares: "Founded in 1960 by Walt and Dorothy Elmer under its original name, Elmer’s Colonial Pancake House, our values have always been to provide quality food ingredients, gracious service and the clean surroundings that make you feel at home. Walt, Dorothy and their three sons worked hard to bring home-style cooking to those of us lucky enough to live in the Northwest! Elmer’s began with breakfast… and rumor has it that Walt Elmer kept the original pancake batter recipe locked in his safe. Even as the menu changed over the years, we still use Walt’s original recipe today! Do you remember some of the fun “blast from the past” menu items? Sanka Coffee, Hawaiian Pineapple Pancakes, Chocolate Coconut Waffles, Stuffed Tomato with Deviled Eggs, and Liver and Onions!"

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