The Urinals of Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium features a beautiful example of a modern trough installation, brought to you by eastbayray.

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Clearly, eastbayray is a bigger fan of the Dodger's Northern California rivals:

The urinals at dodger stadium, los angeles are metallic, not ceramic, but still a trough... As a huge Giants fan, it pains me to remind you that baseball fans celebrating World Series victories have used this trough more often than the (superior) ones at Candlestick Park but hey; we got PacBell, the N.L. West Champions, an the MVP, right? And counting 49er playoff victories Candlestick Park compares favorably with dodger stadium in it's history... Compare this trough with the ones at the 'Stick; and one must chant, "Beat L.A.!!! Beat L.A.!!!"