The Urinals of Dixie Square Mall

Dixie Square Mall is an abandoned shopping mall located in Harvey, IL.

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This picture was sent in by EF. He writes: "My friend, TM of Miami, FL has mentioned your site many times, and suggested I submit what I have to your site. (He didn't have to though, I was already planning on it when I snapped this picture)

"I have here, a picture of one LONE relatively intact urinal that I took the other day at Dixie Square Mall in Harvey, Illinois... What's crazy though, is Dixie Square is a mall that was long abandoned over 30 years ago... vandals have since broken in, destroyed MOST glass and ceramic fixtures, stolen all salvageable metal, while others have commited all sort of other crimes... including murder. As for the building itself, mother nature is now working it's evil ways in an effort to tear it down. The place is "bombed out" yet it hasn't been demolished YET due to lack of funding for asbestos abatement and demolition in the past. (they are SUPPOSED TO start this month though, as there is now government money involved) As for the mall itself, another big reason it attracts the attention of many, is the fact that it's the same mall that was used for the chase scene in the Blues Brothers Movie, filmed in 1979, the year after the mall shut down. The place has been abandoned and deteriorating even since..."

EF wrote in in March 2012. He notes: "After over 30 years since the mall closed it's doors, Dixie Square is finally getting demolished. According to pictures I've seen on the internet, the section of the mall this urinal was located in is now demolished... It can be assumed that this urinal went down with it."