The Urinals of Amargosa Opera House and Hotel

Amargosa Opera House is located in the tiny desert town of Death Valley Junction, CA.

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"During the years 1923-1925, the Pacific Coast Borax Company constructed a company town consisting of a U-shaped complex of Mexican Colonial style buildings of adobe to house the company offices, store, dormitory, a twenty three room hotel, dining room, lobby, and employees' headquarters. A recreation hall was built at the northeast end of the complex and was used as a community center for dances, church services, movies, funerals, and town meetings. At the time it was known as Corkhill Hall. The architect who designed the town was Alexander Hamilton McCulloch.

"In July of 1968, Marta Becket began what would become years of painstaking work, painting an entire audience on the walls, filled with characters who might have attended an opera back in the 16th century. From the King and Queen, to royalty, nobility, bullfighters, monks and nuns, the walls came to life. Inside the double doors she painted a lady dancing to an accompaniment provided by a musician playing an antique musical instrument. More characters from out of the past spilled onto the walls from her imagination, from ladies of the night to gypsies; from revelers to a group of royal children tended by a governess who is being courted by a gentleman seated in the balcony above".

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