The Urinals of Dalyan Koycegiz Beach

The Dalyan Koycegiz Beach is a beach located in "Muğla province and in borders of Ortaca-Dalyan region" of Turkey

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"Dalyan Beach is located in Muğla province and in borders of Ortaca-Dalyan region. The region has been sentenced as "Köyceğiz-Dalyan Special Protection Area" by the Council of Ministries in 12.06.1988, sentence number: 88/13019. Borders of the region have been extended and recoordinated by the Council of Ministries in 18.01.1990, sentence number: 90/77. The region is composed of Lake Köyceğiz with an area of about 55km², a 10km long channel connecting the lake and the sea, a delta site formed where the channel approaches the sea and a beach in front of this. Mountain chains covered with forests border the east and the west side of this system. Köyceğiz, Dalyan, Ekincik, Çandır and Gökbel are the main centers of population close to the system. Within the borders of Köyceğiz, ancient city of Caunos and thermal springs are also present. Standard of living in Köyceğiz is mainly based on agriculture. Therefore in Dalyan housing a population of about 3000, dependence on land and especially the conventional standard based on cotton farming has changed; leading to the usage of present resources as investment factors for tourism on both individual and regional levels."

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