The Urinals of Cleveland Public Hall

Cleveland Public Hall is a public facility located in Cleveland, OH.

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EE contributed these photos: "The Cleveland Public Hall, and the adjacent Music Hall, was built in 1931 and has hosted events as varied as the Republican National Convention in 1936 to a Beatles concert in 1969. It is somewhat dated and little used now. These are [located] off the Lakeside Avenue foyer."

Another visitor to Urinal Dot Net emails us with this factual correction: "The [urinal] photo you have for Cleveland Public Hall says The Beatles played a concert there in 1969. They weren't playing live shows in '69, having played their last show in San Francisco's Candlestick Park on August 29th, 1966. The Beatles DID, however, play Cleveland's Public hall on September 15th, 1964. Whether or not they used the urinals while there is debatable".