The Urinals of Clay Cooper Theater

Clay Cooper Theater is a country music performance venue located in Branson, MO

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"Many people know Clay Cooper from his outstanding performances as host and male vocalist for several Branson shows including Texas Goldminers, Country Tonite, and Paul Harris Live. In 2005, Clay decided to put together a show of his own. In 2007, Clay found a new home for his show, The Clay Cooper Theatre. Now Clay enjoys another season with his cast of 16 veteran entertainers in his very own venue!

"Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express is an all-new, high energy show filled with incredible singin’, amazing dancin’, tricky gun-slingin’, rope-twirlin’, and comedy that will tickle your funnybone! Joining Clay for the 2009 season will be 10 year old singing sensation Carrigan Bradley, rope-twirlin’, gun-slingin’ Johnny Lonestar (as seen on America’s Got Talent), six amazing dancers; and the Boys in the Band! We also have to mention “the real star” of the show, 5 year-old Colton Cooper! He is definitely a show stopper!"

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