The Urinals of High-speed "bullet" train

This optical sensor-controlled urinal may be found aboard a high-speed "bullet" train serving the new Shanghai to Nanjing route in China.

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"The People's Republic of China introduced highspeed train services on mainlines in April 2007, when the sixth national speed-up (increasing of the maximum speed on some lines) made it possible to use 6003km of tracks at speeds up to 200km/h. The main operator of highspeed train services in the People's Republic of China is China Railway High-Speed (CRH). Nationwide, 140 trains can now operate at 200km/h or more, and this is expected to increase to 257 trains by the end of 2007. Officials from the Ministry of Railways say that 850km of track from 18 main lines have been approved for 250 km/h operation... This means that speeds have been increased on... 29% of the national rail network, and the average speed of a passenger train is now 70 km/h. Often high speed lines are shared with heavy freight, with as little as 5 minutes of headway"

"At 5:38 am sharp on Wednesday the sparkling white, futuristic No. D460 train departed Shanghai Station, heralding a new era of high-speed rail travel in China. Reaching speeds of up to 250 kilometres (155 miles) an hour, the sleek machine covered the 112 kilometres to the neighbouring city of Suzhou in 39 minutes, cutting the journey time nearly in half. With it, China also joined a small group of the likes of Japan, the United States and most of the European Union, running bullet trains."

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