The Urinals of Haus am Checkpoint Charlie

This museum is located at the site of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Germany.

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"Checkpoint Charlie was the monitoring tower used to control the area around the Berlin Wall that divided the city during the Cold War. It was demolished soon after the 1989 revolution, but the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie museum that stands in its place is well worth a visit to discover the historic significance of this apparently unremarkable site. There were many brave, if foolhardy, attempts by civilians to escape from the east - 80 were shot after being detected from Checkpoint Charlie - and the ingenious methods used are described alongside photos from the Cold War era. A cinema shows films on the Third Reich and the Cold War era, and the museum also details the history of the Berlin Wall, a piece of which still stands a short distance from the museum, complete with decorations on the western side."

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