The Urinals of Chalet of Brooks

Chalet of Brooks is a restaurant in Brooks, OR.

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The menu in the restaurant proclaims: " Before we opened are first store in 1992, Lake side Bar and Grill in Lincoln city, we both had been in the restaurant business since we were teens. For generations our Family has owned Restaurants. Hopefully 30 Years of serving customer has taught us a few things. Our Signature pancakes are light and airy and soak up just the right amount of Butter and syrup. We start with a secret blend of hard and soft flours and fresh, not powdered, Buttermilk. Our Special Pancake recipe is patented. We use are own recipes, many one of a kind. We cook with natural, Fresh and often local ingredients. Chalet Restaurant remains a family owned business. We want you to have just the kind of dining experience we desire when we eat out: casual and comfortable. So if there is anything we can do to make your visit more enjoyable, please let us know."

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