The Urinals of Capital Club

The Capital Club is a bar located at the top of the Bahrain Financial Harbour tower in Manama, Bahrain

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This picture was sent in by HF. He writes: "I thought this would be a good entry. It is from the gents of the Capital Club from the 48th floor of the Bahrain Financial Harbour tower. Just to keep you guessing I will not let on which of the 2 towers it is!"

About the Bahrain Financial Harbour project: "Bahrain Financial Harbor (BFH) is a large-scale commercial development project, currently under construction in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. The commercial complex is located next to the King Faisal Highway, near many popular landmarks such as the Bahrain WTC, Abraj Al Lulu, Pearl Roundabout and the National Bank of Bahrain. Majority of the project is being constructed on reclaimed land. The two tallest twin-towers (Commercial East and Commercial West (also grouped as the Dual Towers)) are currently listed as the highest completed structures in Bahrain, with a height of 260 m with 54 floors"