The Urinals of Camp Graceland

Camp Graceland is the US National Guard side of Camp Falcon. It is a United States Military installation that houses the 2175th Military Police Company's quarters, HHD 168th Batallion, and is located 20 minutes south of downtown Baghdad, Iraq, right off Highway 8.

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These pictures were submitted by AK, who is stationed at Camp Graceland. He writes: "The sewer system in Baghdad is so horrid that we can use the toilets [in] "Urinal Only" [mode], hence [this submission to Urinal Dot Net]. Even though we have been here for a year now, the halls and floors in this building can be cleaned no better then what you see here.� The pipes leak and seals do not function well. If this had been I would have taken a picture of the adjoining shower: a pipe [in] the wall with a makeshift shower head. Soldiers take what they can get and it's nice having working urinals and running water".