The Urinals of The Cambie Nanaimo

Cambie is a candaian chain of international hostels with several locations throughout British Columbia. The Cambie Nanamio is located in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada.

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This picture was submitted by goatboy. He writes: "I was here on Friday night, Aug 26th, and there was some fun music and adequate beer. I have wanted to get a picture of the men's room for you since I first saw it, and I hope to get you some pictures of the other Cambies too. The one in Vancouver has a great installation."

From the Cambie Nanaimo website: "Vancouver Island's 2nd largest city, Nanaimo (Often called Harbour City), is the hub of the Island with the mildest, sunniest climate in Canada. Equally as rich in history as it's sister hostel, The Cambie Nanaimo International Hostel, Saloon & Grill is a renovated heritage building situated in the old quarter of downtown Nanaimo."