The Urinals of Cálem

Cálem is a port wine lodge located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

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"Since 1859, that Porto Cálem produces Port Wines of superior quality. Today, we offer you the unique experience of a guided tour through our premises. Our starting point will be the museum where you can find out more about the Douro demarcated Region, the production of Port Wine and the history of our House. After that, you will be guided through our cellars where our wines age in protected light and air conditions. Here, you will find out more about the unique characteristics of each type of Port Wine. We end up with the tasting of a red and a white Port Wines. You can still stroll around in our wine shop, to find the best Porto Cálem wine selection. As leaving, you can relax while having one of our Port Wines in our terrace, in front of our cellars and right beside the river. There you will enjoy the wonderful sight of the riversides from Gaia and Porto. We are located in the riverside of Vila Nova de Gaia and are the closest cellars to D Luiz I bridge."