The Urinals of Caddy Shack Lounge

Caddy Shack Lounge is a golf pro shop located in the Gateway entertainment/sports district of downtown Cleveland, OH

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This picture was sent in by HM. He writes: "[The Gateway center] is so new that the pro shop hasn't even been set up yet, nor are Google maps aware of the bar/restaurant. It enjoys a lot of floor space and offers the usual array of large-screen television monitors as well as Wii virtual golfing. The official address is on Euclid Avenue, a block north, but the working entrance is on Prospect Avenue. The menu is that of a typical sports bar, but unlike neighboring establishments, they do offer hot dogs. The porcelain beauties above are brand new and unfettered by privacy screens. The men's room does not offer hand towels; instead it has a single wall-mounted air dryer that emits a tornado-force blast with the sound of a rocket-powered dragster. Your hands are dry in under 7 seconds."

HM wrote in again with the following note: "The Caddy Shack now has its pro shop open. You may want to amend my commentary."