The Urinals of Bulding 128 of the Brooklyn Navy Yard

This now abandoned urinal used to serve the Building 128 complex at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, NY.

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This photo was sent in by JB. He writes: "Here are 20 [derelict urinals] at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City. The building is being turned into "green" factory space but used to be the main machine shop where there was a big workforce. These urinals were probably last used in 1966 but perhaps not since WWII because there were other facilities in the building. [This] picture [was] taken in 2008.

"[This shot] was taken in a space that is formed by the buildings that surround it, Building 128 (Built 1898-1917) Building 123 (Civil War vintage) and Building 28, Main Boiler Shop (c.1880 and 1940). 128 is the Main Machine Shop building. It's very close to the Cumberland St. entrance and has now been stripped down to it's skeleton...

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