The Urinals of Brooklands

Brooklands is a historic motor racing circuit located near Webridge, Surrey, U.K. It was opened on 6/17/1907 and "was the first custom-built banked motor race circuit in the world. It was the first ever oval style race track built for cars.".

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These photos depict the Racing Drivers' Urinals, dating back from 1907. These urinals are not open for public use but are preserved, instead, as an exhibit. The following plaque accompanies the urinals: "This area of the Gents' toilets was once linked to the Competitors' Changing Room (converted to the Billiards Room in 1930/31) and the Competitors' Bathroom (later converted to the Barnes Wallis Shower Room) providing all-round facilities for the drivers engaged in a day's racing. Refreshments were available in the BARC Members' Dining Room in another part of the Clubhouse. [These urinals] are no longer usable but are displayed as a unique feature of this historic listed building".

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