The Urinals of Bobak's Sausage Company & Restaurant

Bobak's Sausage Company and Restaurant is a restaurant and sausage store located in Naperville, IL.

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Bobak Sausage Company has served sausage and deli meats to the Chicago area since 1967.

Ed: In September, 2007, Stan Bobak, President & CEO of Bobak Sausage Company, wrote to inform us that "...Bobak Sausage Company no longer has a store in Naperville. The store is [now] a Garden Fresh Market." The change of ownership may be related to a recent legal dispute between Stan Bobak and his brother John Bobak over rights to make sausage in the name of their father, who started the Bobak Sausage Company in 1967. We are sorry to hear of the passing of Bobak's Naperville, but pleased to preserve this remnant of its history.

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