The Urinals of House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads

House of the Brotherhood of Blackheads is a historic building located in the center of Talinn, Estonia

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This picture was sent in by PH. He writes: "Here is a photo of the urinals inside the House of The Brotherhood of Blackheads in the town of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is nearly the only preserved Renaissance building in Tallinn. The Brotherhood of Blackheads emerged in 1399. The Brotherhood united the young, single merchants before they could be accepted into the Great Guild, as well as foreign merchants who were residing in Tallinn for longer periods but not permanently. The name of the Brotherhood is associated with their patron, the black St. Mauritius, an early Christian martyr who died in Switzerland around 280-300 A.D. His head is the mascot on the Brotherhood’s coat of arms. The Brotherhood was active only in Estonia and Latvia, unknown in the rest of Europe. Members of the Brotherhood left Tallinn in the 1940s."