The Urinals of Auckland Domain

Auckland Domain is a large park in downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

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These pictures were submitted by eastbayray. He writes: "The Auckland Domain is the city's oldest park, located centrally, close to downtown. Home to walking trails, rugby fields, and several attractions, including the Winter Gardens, the Fernery, and the Auckland Museum. The first Urinal in this submission can be found near the Fernery, a display of many of the variety of ferns which can be found throughout New Zealand."

"The second set of Urinals are found in the Auckland Museum, in the center of the Domain. The Museum was established in 1852, though the current building was completed in 1929, a memorial to the New Zealand soldiers who lost their lives during World War One. It contains more than 9000 square metres of exhibits over three floors, with these Urinals (most likely not the originals) found in the basement."