The Urinals of Omi International Arts Center

The Omi International Arts Center is "a not-for-profit residency program for international visual artists, writers, musicians and dancers as well as the site for The Fields Sculpture Park, a year round public exhibition space for contemporary sculpture. Located in Omi, New York, a Hudson River Valley hamlet two and a half hours from New York City, Omi is situated on 300 acres of rolling farmland with spectacular views of the Catskills and the river valley"

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"There are four distinct residency programs: the Art Omi International Artists Residency, which invites thirty artists from around the world for three weeks every July; the Ledig House International Writers Residency, which sponsors forty to fifty writers and translators for up to two months each year; and Music Omi International Musicians Residency, which brings together twelve to fifteen musician-composers to collaborate actively and perform in August, and Dance Omi International Dance Collective which brings together ten individual dancers from around the world for three weeks of collaborative dance. "

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