The Urinals of Aquarium

Aquarium is a trendy nightclub situated on Old Street in London, England.

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These pictures were submitted by Cathy Mallins. She writes: "I do public relations for a company called Captive View which is a specialist washroom media company in the UK. They have developed a very innovative advertising medium known as the 'Viewrinal', [pictured here]. The Viewrinals have been literally flushed with success since their launch last year and have attracted advertisers such as Virgin Interactive and 20th Century Fox."

"The Viewrinals... offer a 'captive audience' for advertisers and they have the ability to directly target the elusive 18-30 age group in a trendy environment using cutting-edge technology. Ambient media, and in particular screen-based media, is really taking off in the UK at the moment as I'm sure it is in the US."